Application procedure for the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

What kind of elements can be nominated to become part of the National Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage?

The register of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) includes the following categories: Craftmanship; song; dance; melody; oral artistic traditions and performances; traditions and customs; characteristic dishes, folk games, and rituals.

The exercise, practice, and transmission of heritage values ​​from people to people should be at the center of the proposals. The inventory will take into account those forms of intangible cultural heritage that are practiced today in Albania, regardless of whether their origin is Albanian or if they are also practiced in countries other than Albania. Only intangible cultural heritage that complies with human rights and Albanian law and that supports mutual respect and sustainable development of communities can be included in this register.

Religious traditions can be included in the National Register only if the customs associated with them are deeply rooted in society (such as festive events, marches, and processions of religious origin). These traditions should also be open to the participation of people who are not members of these religious communities.

Oral expressions are part of intangible cultural heritage. However, languages ​​and dialects as such are not among the elements to be inventoried under the UNESCO Convention, but they may be included in the Inventory in the form of oral tradition (eg dialectal proverbs, legends, etc.) and things).

Who can apply, how, and when?

Different communities (eg practitioners and carriers, organizations, associations, or a group of individuals) can propose elements for the National Inventory. These “actors” must participate in the preservation of intangible cultural heritage, thus promoting the practice and transmission of tradition. Organizations clearly driven by commercial interests or political organizations cannot make proposals.

The application for the Albanian ICH Register must be made online, using the form that can also be found on this platform. Applications submitted in any other format will not be accepted. No attachments will be sent or stored except for the form and photographic or video material.

How will applications be evaluated?

The Ministry of Culture will check applications made to the National Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage to ensure that they meet the technical criteria.

Applications will then appear online on this platform and may be followed by comments from experts and communities participating in the evaluation. Comments will be posted using the respective names and organizations. The Ministry of Culture will summarize the views in the comments received and will present the applications, the comments on them, as well as its views regarding the acceptance of an application to the National Council of Intangible Cultural Heritage (NCICH).

NCICH will make the decision on the elements that are proposed in that they will become part of the Albanian ICH Register. Only accepted applications will be made public. If requested, the Ministry of Culture will respond to applicants whose proposals were not accepted.