Social practices, rituals and festive events

Rituals, celebrations, and practices are important traditions that structure the life of communities. Practices and rituals are shared with others and help strengthen the identity of the community. They are closely intertwined with the communities’ worldviews and understanding of their history. Practices, rituals, and festivals are performed during changing seasons, different stages in a person’s life, or important agricultural or livestock events. They can be the shared heritage of a nation or a tradition passed down from generation to generation.
Traditions are spiritual assets, views, customs, virtues, etc., that have been historically formed in the life of people and that are preserved, inherited, and further developed as a precious treasures from one generation to another.
Custom is a historically born rule of behavior that is reproduced in any social group or society and becomes common to its members. A custom is based on a detailed pattern of actions in a specific situation, for example, how to treat family members, how to resolve conflicts, how to build business relationships, etc. Older habits are often replaced over time by new ones, more in line with the demands of the times.
The game is a fundamental characteristic of humans and is present in all cultures and ideas. That is how children naturally learn, but it doesn’t mean that is limited to them.