Instructions for participation

What can be included in the register?

  • Examples of intangible cultural heritage, at the core of which are knowledge-making handicrafts, the practice, and the passing of a craft or skill from one person to another.
  • Traditions and customs in Albania, which are transferred from one generation to another or transcend generational boundaries.
  • Also folk songs, folk dances, folk tunes, oral expressions, folk games, rituals, traditional cooking, performing arts, and knowledge related to nature.

Who can make proposals?

  • Associations;
  • Various communities (practitioners, groups, carriers within a given geographical or thematic area, organizations in the field);
  • Individuals or Groups of individuals.

Who can not make proposals?

  • Trade organizations
  • Political organizations

Who maintains this registry?

The Ministry of Culture, through specialized structures and institutions subordinate to it, administers, edits and reserves the right to request necessary adjustments to this register.

Pay special attention to the following factors:

Submissions to this interactive registry should be made by communities and organizations that practice and are familiar with Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH).

We encourage collaboration between different communities!

Show respect for diversity, variety, and nuances of traditions.

Highlight changing ICH moments and pay attention to different types of the same heritage.

Consider previously underrepresented groups.

Avoid stereotypical assumptions.

Give visibility to good practices in the ICH field.