Lunxhëria’s Dance
Lunxhëria’s Dance

The folk dance “Lunxhëri plot me lezete” (Lunxhëri, so graceful) came into being in 1978 in the third edition of FFK Gjirokastër 1978 (the National Folk Festival). The song text was based on the traditional folk song that was sung while dancing at wedding parties and family celebrations.

Title:- Hajt të dalim në baçe (Let’s go into the garden)


Duart o me merxhane (Fingers crawling around stunning coral rings)

Gjoksin o plot gjerdane (Chest shining brightly with charming necklaces you are wearing)

Cfarë të bëjmë në barçe (Why go in the garden)

Të mbledhim trandafile (Let’s pick up roses)

Ç’i do ato trandafiletë (But what is it all for)

Të gënjej ata bandillë (To entice those amiable handsome young boys)

Second variant

Moj çi do trandafiletë (Hey, why do you need those roses for)

Trandafile je ti vetë (You sweetie are a rose though)

Eja vajzë të shkojmë jetë (Better have a happy lifetime both)

Right at this time, dancing goes all the way in a joyful rhythmic atmosphere. The accompanying music as it is, prompts dancers to show off the values of an elegant dance performed with great finesse.

Today, this dance is also performed through new lines:

Ç’nur që ka vallja lunxhote (Lunxhote dancing is so charming)

Lunxhëri plot lezete (Yeah, Lunxhëri, so graceful)

Ç’bukuri ke mbi vete (Wrapped in exquisite beauty)

Kodrat e tua pa shoqe (Your hills one-of-a-kind)


Ujrat o këngë mali (Water streams like mountain song)

Derdhen o si kristali (Keep flowing down like a crystal)

Mbushur me zërat e zogje (Birds’ voices swarming all around)


Lunxhëri moj e mira (Lunxhëri, you are so lovely)

Mbushur o plot stolira (Overwhelmingly adorned)

Djem e vajza si lastarë (Boys and girls all good-looking and tall)