How to fill in a new element’s folder?

To fill in a new element’s folder, keep the following points in mind:

Which category does the element belong to?

In one of the six categories presented on this registry.


Is the proposed element related to a certain area in Albania?

Select the county, then the municipality.

What other area does the element include?

Who practices the element or knows it well?

Write down who practices the element nowadays.

Is the element currently alive, or is it just a tradition?

Is this element practiced in smaller private communities?

What kind of communities practice activities related to this element nowadays?

Are there other NGOs or organizations involved in this practice?

How is the element practiced today?

Describe how the element is practiced.

Are there different versions of practicing the element?

Describe the background and history of the element.

How has the element changed over time?

Please mention possible sources of information only in the appropriate section of the form.

How is the element transmitted?

How is the element transmitted from generation to generation, from community to community, or from one community member to another?

What means of transmission are used?

Is the element conveyed differently nowadays than in the past? How has the element changed over time?

Element protection and preservation

Are there any threats or dangers to the survival of the element?

What are the current measures and what more needs to be done?

How is the element documented?

Are there element data in archives or collections?

How is the future of the element predicted?

In what direction is the element evolving?

How has the element affected the rest of society?

How will the new forms of practices affect the future of the element?

The communities behind this proposal.

Signatories of this application.

Contact person, email, phone number, ID number.

Bibliography and links to external sources of information

Video links.

Web Resources.


Literature and articles.